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Zebra TC55BH-GC11EE TC55 - Android, 1D Linear Imager Scanner Android Jellybean GMS, HSPA

Gyártó cikkszám: TC55BH-GC11EE
Cikkszám: TC55BH-GC11EE
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Gyártó: ZEBRA

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Zebra TC55BH-GC11EE TC55 - Android, 1D Linear Imager Scanner Android Jellybean GMS, HSPA

Android Jellybean GMS, HSPA - EMEA, 802.11abgn + NFC, 1D Linear Imager, 1GB/8GB, English, 1.5X Ext Battery, includes rugged charging cable (CBL-TC55-CHG1-01), includes Service from the Start that provides 24 months of coverage.

To get the job done, workers need access to critical applications out in the field. They also want a business device that is every bit as small, sleek, and easy to use as their own personal smartphones, but today's smartphones fall far short of the feature set needed in business. The TC55 pocket-sized all touch computer has it all: smartphone ergonomics, good looks, and best-in-class practical business durability, combined with all the functionality workers need to work smarter and better serve their customers.

Enterprise-class comprehensive data capabilities help automate and reduce cycle times so that workers can capture virtually any type of data at the press of a button: 1D/2D barcodes in practically any condition, documents, photos, signatures, videos and NFC-based information. The best audio support in its class, with two front-facing speakers, two microphones, and noise canceling technology ensure crystal clear audio on both ends of a call. Plus, the TC55 is loaded with features that give it long-lasting durability, making it easy to achieve an average three-year lifespan. The TC55 is built for the enterprise.


Please Note:

  • To charge the TC55 with the supplied cable you will require the PWRS-124306-01R power supply


  • To communicate the TC55 with a PC/Laptop you will require the 25-MCXUSB-01R which is NOT the cable included in the box.


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