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Traffic Monitoring

cPacket Networks offers Large-Scale Network Operators and Service Providers a Distributed Monitoring Architecture
that delivers improved operational efficiency, and proactive intelligence, which can not only reduce troubleshooting
time to resolution, but can proactively identify problems before end-users are ever impacted. Using our advanced
Intelligence Monitoring Fabric, customers can overcome scalability issues caused by “bottleneck by design”
architectures inherent to legacy centralized network monitoring solutions. Our next generation network performance
monitoring solution combines dynamic network visualization, complete packet inspection, and forensic intelligence,
as well as L2-L7 pattern matching, and on-demand packet-based granularity for unmatched integrated operational
intelligence. By improving operational efficiency, customers can achieve considerable OpEx and CapEx savings. Based
in Silicon Valley, CA, our solutions are relied on to troubleshoot some of the world’s largest networks