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Seagate IronWolf 110 - 1920 GB - 2.5" - 560 MB/s - 6 Gbit/s ZA1920NM10011

167.186 Ft (131.643 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ZA1920NM10011
Cikkszám: ZA1920NM10011
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Seagate IronWolf 110 - 1920 GB - 2.5" - 560 MB/s - 6 Gbit/s 1.92 TB - SATA 6Gb/s - 3D TLC Seagate IronWolf 110. SSD capacity: 1920 GB, SSD form factor: 2.5", Read speed: 560 MB/s, Write speed: 535 MB/s, Data transfer rate: 6 Gbit/s, Component for: NAS ZA1920NM10011 The Right Drive for NASSeagate® IronWolf® 110 SSD is built for NAS with capacities from 240 GB to 3.84 TB. Each drive includes AgileArray™ firmware to keep your NAS enclosure maximised for demanding 24×7 and multi-user environments, and can be used in an all-flash array or in a NAS capable of tiered caching.Increase NAS Performance and ReliabilityIronWolf 110 SSD is an enterprise-class drive equipped with DuraWrite™ technology, allowing for increased performance and reliability. Watch the following video to learn more about this fascinating technology.Achieve Pure Performance in All-Flash ArraysAll-flash array systems can be fully utilised with sustained data rates up to 560 MB/s, which means your Synology FS3017 AFA will love these drives!If you are a creative professional who urgently needs assets for editing or works in a high workload multi-user environment, IronWolf 110 SSD performance is there when you need it.Attain a Competitive Edge with HDD and SSDThe IronWolf portfolio includes both hard drives and solid state drives for NAS systems. This allows you to integrate IronWolf 110 SSD for caching capabilities on compatible NAS, such as the QNAP TVS-951X, or for pure performance in AFAs.Drive Health and Data RecoveryWhen integrated into compatible NAS systems, these drives provide overall system reliability increases due to IronWolf Health Management (IHM).


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