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Seagate Enterprise ST1800MM0149 - 2.5" - 1800 GB - 10000 RPM ST1800MM0149

149.739 Ft (117.905 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ST1800MM0149
Cikkszám: ST1800MM0149
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Leírás és Paraméterek

Seagate Enterprise ST1800MM0149 - 2.5" - 1800 GB - 10000 RPM 1.8TB - 512e/4Kn - 6.35 cm (2.5") - FIPS - SAS 12Gb/s - 10000 rpm Seagate Enterprise ST1800MM0149. HDD size: 2.5", HDD capacity: 1800 GB, HDD speed: 10000 RPM ST1800MM0149 Seagate® Exos™ 10E2400 enterprise hard drives are the industry's fastest 10KRPM drives, with capacities up to 2.4 TB in a 2.5-inch form factor, and intended for traditional data centres where density, power consumption and data integrity are paramount.The Perfect Match of High Capacity and High PerformanceThe high capacity and small 2.5-inch footprint of the Exos 10E2400 drive enables data centres to keep pace with data growth and optimise data centre real estate. Exos 10E2400 delivers up to 2.4 TB of highperformance data access for write-intensive applications. A single advanced format interface model lets you future-proof your storage infrastructure. The Seagate Enhanced Caching feature accelerates read and write I/O operations, preventing applications from slowing down under peak usage conditions. The latest 12 Gb/s SAS interface provides improved scalability.Maximise Storage Investments for the Long HaulExos 10E2400 offers Protection Information (PI) to help protect against data corruption, and Seagate PowerChoice™ technology for T10-compliant power management enables IT organisations to tailor systems for enhanced power consumption. RAID recovery is faster and safer with the help of the Seagate RAID Rebuild ® technology option.Industry-Leading Data Security FeaturesSeagate Secure™ SED and FIPS 140-2 government-grade models offer hardware-based security to help protect data-at-rest. With Instant Secure Erase, drive retirement is safe, fast and cost-effective. Seagate Secure models meet the NIST 800-88 media sanitisation specification and support the Trusted Computer Group (TCG) standard.Exos 10E300 Enterprise Hard DrivesThe industry's fastest 10K-RPM drives are also available in 300 GB capacity and are a perfect choice for entry-level boot server applications.- Boost server capacity and performance- Enhanced Caching feature accelerates OLTP, VDI, web server and- database applications- The Fast Format™ model can be addressed as 512 emulation and re-serviced to 4K native- Seagate Secure™ capabilities ensure authentic and trusted products from a secure supply chain, available with hardware-based encryption (SED), Instant Secure Erase (ISE), TAA compliance and FIPS 140-2- PowerChoice and RAID Rebuild help to improve storage management- Exos 10E300 drives, perfect for entry-level boot server applications, also available


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