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Seagate Enterprise ST12000NM0038 - 3,5 - 12000 GB - 7200 RPM ST12000NM0038

187.080 Ft (147.307 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ST12000NM0038
Cikkszám: ST12000NM0038
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Leírás és Paraméterek

Seagate Enterprise ST12000NM0038 - 3.5" - 12000 GB - 7200 RPM 12TB - 12Gb/s SAS - 7200 RPM Seagate Enterprise ST12000NM0038. HDD size: 3.5", HDD capacity: 12000 GB, HDD speed: 7200 RPM ST12000NM0038 Seagate manufactures hard drives that specifically address theneeds of the hyperscale storage market. As the flagship of theSeagate X class, the Exos X14 and Exos X14z enterprise harddrives are the highest-capacity hard drives in the fleet.Scalable. Responsive. Innovative.For everything hyperscale, there's Exos™ X — the most powerful way to access the datasphere and harness the full potential of the Cloud. Exos X12 and Exos X10 enterprise hard drives integrate the latest technology in support of a scalable, secure and reliable cloud data centre. Specifically designed to work in highly scalable environments requiring low power consumption and weight, Exos X series hard drives perform consistently while scaling to meet the stringent TCO requirements of most cloud-based data centres.Built-in Data ProtectionSeagate Secure Instant Secure Erase drives simplify drive repurposing and disposal, protect data-at-rest and help comply with corporate and federal data security mandates.Prevent unauthorised access and safeguard stored data with three levels of security, including Secure Downloads & Diagnostics (SD&D), TCG compliant Self-Encrypting Drive and government-grade FIPS/Common Criteria tamper-resistant hard drive.


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