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Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K 1.8TB 4Kn TurboBoost SAS 12Gb/s ST1800MM0088 - Hdd - Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

167.481 Ft (131.875 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ST1800MM0088
Cikkszám: ST1800MM0088
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Leírás és Paraméterek

ST1800MM0088 Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K 1.8TB 4Kn TurboBoost SAS 12Gb/s ST1800MM0088 - Hdd - Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Seagate Enterprise ST1800MM0088. HDD size: 2.5", HDD capacity: 1800 GB, HDD speed: 10000 RPM, Hybrid-HDD cache memory: 32 GB Perfect Balance of High Capacity and High PerformancenThe Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K HDD delivers mission critical performance with TurboBoost, high capacities and the low power that data centres need. Helping reduce IT operating costs, the latest enterprise drives enable OEMs, system builders and IT pros to:n- Improve data centre storage efficiencyn- Complete more transactions in less time by accelerating I/O operations with TurboBoost enhanced cache optionn- Reduce latencies for significantly faster, predictable response times even during peak demandn- Use intelligent NAND management with Turboboost for enterprise-grade endurancen- Efficiently future-proof with 12Gb/s SAS and Advanced Format optionsn- Protect data with Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) modelsnn2.5-Inch HDDs Improve Data Centre Storage EfficiencynMake the transition from standard 3.5-inch form factor drives with limited capacities and slower performance to the larger, faster and best-in-class Enterprise Performance 10K HDD. With up to 2× the capacity and a 70% smaller footprint, data centres can store and access data faster than ever, enabling them to keep pace with data growth while optimising scarce IT real estate.n- Deliver up to 150% faster IOPS with the TurboBoost enhanced cache option than the previous generationn- Store over 100% more data in half the rack space than even the highest-capacity 3.5-inch, 15K HDDsn- Lower power consumption reduces energy and cooling costsnnRaid Rebuild Technology Improves Storage EfficiencynEnterprise Performance 10K HDD advanced media management technology improves drive reliability and data integrity. This eighth generation hard drive lets you rest easier knowing your storage devices will perform as expected. This enterprise hard drive features the Seagate RAID Rebuild technology, making RAID recovery faster and safer.nnProtect Data with Seagate Secure Technology.nSeagate Enterprise Performance 10K drives are offered in a self-encrypting drive option and can be used as normal drives or as part of a more secure solution at no extra cost.n- Seagate Secure drive options along with the built-in SAS Protection Information1 feature enable companies to protect valuable data, comply with regulatory mandates, and reduce risk to brands and reputations.n- Seagate Instant Secure Erase feature included on all SED and SED FIPS2 drives reduces the time required to overwrite a drive from hours to less than a minute, making drive retirement safe, fast and easy.


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