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MCX516A-CDAT Mellanox ConnectX-5 Ex EN - Network adapter

477.766 Ft (376.194 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: MCX516A-CDAT
Cikkszám: MCX516A-CDAT
Elérhetőség: Aktív termék
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: Mellanox

Leírás és Paraméterek

MCX516A-CDAT Mellanox ConnectX-5 Ex EN - Network adapter

  • PCIe 4.0 x16
  • 100 Gigabit QSFP28 x 2

Mellanox Technologies MCX516A-CDAT. Internal. Connectivity technology: Wired, Host interface: PCI Express, Interface: Fiber. Maximum data transfer rate: 100000 Mbit/s

Mellanox Technologies MCX516A-CDAT networking card Fiber 100000 Mbit/s Internal

  • Adaptive routing on reliable transport
  • Back-end switch elimination by host chaining
  • Embedded PCIe switch
  • Industry-leading throughput, low latency, low CPU utllization and high message rate
  • Maximizes data center ROI with Multi-Host technology
  • Innovative rack design for storage and machine
  • Intelligent network adapter supporting flexible pipeline programmability
  • Cutting-edge performance in virtualized networks including network function
  • Enabler for efficient service chaining capabilities
  • Efficient I/O consolidation, lowering data center costs and complexity

Intelligent ConnectX-5 EN adapter cards introduce new acceleration engines for maximizing High Performance, Web 2.0, Cloud, Data Analytics and Storage platforms.

ConnectX-5 supports two ports of 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, sub-700 nanosecond latency, and very high message rate, plus PCIe switch and NVMe over Fabric offloads, providing the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding applications and markets.

ConnectX-5 Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing (ASAP2) technology enhances offloading of virtual switches and virtual routers, for example, Open V-Switch (OVS), which results in significantly higher data transfer performance without overloading the CPU. Together with native RoCE and DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) support, ConnectX-5 dramatically improves Cloud and NFV platform efficiency.


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