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LSC33-CSE2-L7JA Quantum Scalar i3 with IBM tape drives, Control Module

5.811.524 Ft (4.576.003 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: LSC33-CSE2-L7JA
Cikkszám: LSC33-CSE2-L7JA
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Gyártó: Quantum

Leírás és Paraméterek

Quantum Scalar i3 with IBM tape drives, Control Module - Tape library - 150 TB / 375 TB - slots: 25 - LTO Ultrium (6 TB / 15 TB) x 2 - Ultrium 7 - max drives: 2 - 8Gb Fibre Channel - rack-mountable - 3U - encryption

Scalar i3 is a tape library designed for small-to-medium size environments with a feature set focused on saving time and money. The Scalar iLayer management software - proven to reduce management time and improve system uptime - has been fully refreshed for even greater efficiencies and a modern, intuitive user experience. And its highly efficient design - with features like the best storage density and 80 PLUS-certified power supplies - allows customers to reduce their tape footprint as part of their backup/DR strategy and for departmental archives.

Easy. Scalable. Efficient.

  • Quickly through the setup process
  • Easy-to-manage
  • High-efficiency

The Scalar® i3 tape library is designed for ease of use, from initial setup to ongoing management. Features like iLayer proactive diagnostics, Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) scalability, 80 PLUS-® certified power supplies, and best-in-class storage density ensure that Scalar i3 will save money on more than just the initial purchase. Youll see why Scalar is the market share leader in LTO automation.

Reduce Administration Time

Quantums iLayer management software, at the core of every Scalar library, has been fully refreshed, bringing system setup and management to a whole new level of ease. An intuitive, mobile-first designed management interface guides users quickly through the setup process. And its proactive diagnostic feature ensures the system stays up and running with minimal administrative involvementsaving valuable time and operating expenses.

Manage Data Growth

While Scalar i3 is designed as an easy-to-manage, cost-effective, entry-level tape library, it has the flexibility to grow as storage needs change. Scalar i3 can scale cartridge slots from 25 up to 200, in 25-slot increments with Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) software licensing, increasing compressed capacity from 375TB up to 3PB. Scalar i3 also supports from 1 to 12 tape drives, allowing users to balance read/write performance as needed.

Maximize Efficiency - Minimize Costs

Scalar i3 comes packed with high-efficiency features designed to minimize the total storage costs. Features like best-in-class storage density (reducing data center footprint with up to 3PB in just 12U), and 80 PLUS-certified power supplies (requiring the lowest power and cooling needs), minimize the operating costs of storing data off-line for ransomware protection or the long-term preservation of archive data.


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