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J-6350-JB 154 characters Juniper Networks J-series Services Router J6350 - Router - GigE, HDLC, Frame Relay, RS-232, PPP, RS-530, X.21, V.35, RS-449, MLPPP, FRF.15, FRF.16, FRF.12

1.368.816 Ft (1.077.808 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: J-6350-JB
Cikkszám: J-6350-JB
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J-6350-JB  154 characters Juniper Networks J-series Services Router J6350 - Router - GigE, HDLC, Frame Relay, RS-232, PPP, RS-530, X.21, V.35, RS-449, MLPPP, FRF.15, FRF.16, FRF.12

Juniper J-series Routers offers predictable high performance and a variety of flexible interfaces that deliver secure reliable network connectivity to remote, branch, and regional offices. The J6350 is an Avaya voice-ready, it runs modular JUNOS software which offers many advanced services (MPLS, IPv6, QoS, multicast, etc) and security (stateful firewall and IPSec VPN), delivering high levels of security, uptime and performance at reduced operations costs. The J-series offers the performance headroom and extensible memory to meet future demands, providing unmatched reliability, investment protection, and value for the enterprise.

Enterprises are faced with a number of challenges and opportunities by converging voice, video and data to one network. This consolidation of network elements reduces cost by easing deployment of SIP enabled VoIP, real-time high-definition Telepresence and standardizing on a consistent infrastructure network operating system like Juniper Networks Junos operating system. These new technologies improve; customer relations, interactions with suppliers, and employee productivity. This mission-critical multi-media network must be always on and always available. To accomplish this, fully integrated stateful security is a key requirement, not merely forwarding packets without regard to the intended application or individual user session. Junos OS provides the high-performance networking infrastructure that helps enterprises implement key initiatives that:

- Integrates routing, firewalling and VPN into one best in class secure router. By securing an enterprises mission critical information and protecting the network from vulnerabilities and attack, the Juniper Networks J Series Services Router offers a combination of features that increases productivity and reduces costs. With Junos OS release 9.6, the J Series enhances these features with Unified Threat Management, consisting of antivirus, antispam, Web filtering and intrusion prevention system. These advanced security features can eliminate a standalone appliance and be applied with a software key.
- Minimizes the cost of installing and operating a network by deploying J Series. With the modular, protected mode design of Junos OS and the rigorous Junos OS development and testing process, there are fewer system process failures. The single code source of Junos OS makes the qualification of new releases across the network much simpler. In addition, superior configuration management reduces human errors that could lead to network downtime.

Whether you have an enterprise network or a service provider looking for customer premise equipment for an MPLS or IP network, the J Series offers a mix of features that excel at both. By leveraging Junos OS, the J Series can be deployed at medium to large sites and the wide range of interfaces scales the bandwidth as necessary for todays real time communications

- Support for T1, E1, Fast Ethernet, Synchronous Serial, ISDN BRI, ADSL2/ADSL2+, G.SHDSL, DS3, E3, Gigabit
- Ethernet interfaces
- Support for integrated IP telephony using the Avaya IG550 Integrated Gateway
- Support for application acceleration using the Juniper Networks ISM200 Integrated Services Module
- 4 fixed Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, 2 PIM slots, and 4 EPIM/PIM slots
- DC version available
- 1 GB DRAM default, expandable to 2 GB DRAM
- 512 MB compact flash default, upgradeable to 1 GB
- Hardware encryption acceleration standard
- NEBS-compliant models available
- Redundant AC or DC power supplies
- Full UTM; antivirus, antispam, Web filtering, intrusion prevention system (with high memory version)
- Unified Access Control (UAC) and content filtering

  • Security
    Juniper Networks delivers the most advanced set of mechanisms for fully protecting enterprise routers from outside threats. The J series routers give network staff complete control even while under attack. The console port can always be used to add filters and policies in just a few fast and simple steps.
  • High uptime
    The modular and fault-protected Junos delivers high levels of resiliency and stability in the J series. In traditional enterprise routers, any small bug can quickly turn into a larger problem. In Junos, each software module runs independently and is unable to impact other areas. Other features include CLI for accurate configuration, as well as a rescue button for fast system recovery.
  • Predictable performance
    The J series maintains high levels of QoS control and throughput during the most demanding periods of network congestion. Modular software architectures are key in the sorting and scheduling of traffic, ensuring that the most important applications take priority with networking resources.
  • Unmatched value
    No licensing fees are required for advanced services such as IPv6, MPLS, IPsec, and stateful firewall. No port licenses are required to operate onboard or modular interfaces.


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