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Intel DC P4600 sorozatú, 2,0 TB-os SSD - Solid State Disk - NVMe

654.570 Ft (515.409 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: SSDPEDKE020T701
Cikkszám: SSDPEDKE020T701
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Gyártó: INTEL

Leírás és Paraméterek

SSDPEDKE020T701 Intel DC P4600 Series 2.0 TB SSD - Solid State Disk - NVMe Intel DC P4600. SSD capacity: 2000 GB, SSD form factor: HHHL, Read speed: 3200 MB/s, Write speed: 1575 MB/s, Component for: Server/workstation Designed for Data CachingOptimized for cloud storage architectures, the Intel SSD DC P4600 Series significantly increases server agility and utilization, while also accelerating applications, across a wide range of cloud workloads. Optimized for Storage EfficiencyIntel® 3D NAND SSDs for the data center reduce the need for specialized servers, increase technician efficiency and lessen Opex and Capex, enabling organizations to squeeze every last bit and byte from the data center. Outstanding Quality and ReliabilityWith industry-leading quality and reliability, you can be confident your drives are available and your data is protected. Support for data-at-rest encryption minimizes the likelihood of data breaches, while industry-leading end-to-end data protection reduces the chance of silent data errors. Advanced Manageability and ServiceabilityBuilt with advanced manageability features such as NVMe-MI, the Intel SSD DC P4600 Series allows you to remotely monitor, manage and remediate across more device states and streamline essential services.B 2.5IN PCIE 3D1 TLC.


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