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Intel 2 TB SSD DC P4510 Intern 2.5" SSDPE2KX020T801 - Solid State Disk - NVMe

244.528 Ft (192.542 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: SSDPE2KX020T801
Cikkszám: SSDPE2KX020T801
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Gyártó: INTEL

Leírás és Paraméterek

SSDPE2KX020T801 Intel 2 TB SSD DC P4510 Intern 2.5" SSDPE2KX020T801 - Solid State Disk - NVMe Intel DC P4510. SSD capacity: 2000 GB, SSD form factor: 2.5", Read speed: 3200 MB/s, Write speed: 2000 MB/s, Component for: Server/workstation Cloud Inspired. Storage Optimized.nThe DC P4510 meets the requirements of the modern data center. It significantly increases server agility and utilization, and accelerates applications across a wide range of workloads.nnDo More Per ServernIntel’s 64-layer, TLC, 3D NAND technology enables the DC P4510 to double the capacity available compared to its predecessor, the DC P4500. This increased density is key to supporting broader cloud workloads, allowing cloud service providers to increase users and improve data service levels.nnOptimized QoS, Bandwidth, and PerformancenWith the increased density of Intel 64-layer 3D NAND and enhanced firmware features, the DC P4510 is built to handle read-intensive workloads and beyond. The DC P4510 creates greater Quality of Service, bandwidth, and performance to lead data centers through their evolving transformation.nnMinimize Service DisruptionsnEnhanced SMART monitoring of the drive health and status coupled with industry-leading end-to-end data path protection and power loss imminent (PLI) features ensures telemetry information without disrupting ongoing I/Os.


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