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HP Enterprise T1500 G5 - 100 V - 120 V - Torony - Fekete - LCD - 410 mm Q1F51A

219.129 Ft (172.542 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: Q1F51A
Cikkszám: Q1F51A
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Gyártó: HP Enterprise

Leírás és Paraméterek

HP Enterprise T1500 G5 - 100 V - 120 V - Tower - Black - LCD - 410 mm Gen5 NA/JP UPS with Management Card Slot Hewlett Packard Enterprise T1500 G5. Output operation voltage (min): 100 V, Output operation voltage (max): 120 V. Form factor: Tower, Product colour: Black, Display: LCD. Width: 410 mm, Depth: 210 mm, Height: 150 mm Q1F51A Do you need more reliable power with advance battery management in a space saving design? HPE Line Interactive Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems deliver clean power with an advanced battery management capability. Computing environments are expected to deal with the frequencies and severities of power outages, increased power demands from the public and private cloud, software as a service (SaaS), and mobile computing plus online services and applications while maintaining tight cost controls. HPE Line Interactive Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems was designed to meet these needs and exceed expectations as the industry requires a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use UPS within your computing environment.Delivers Power Protection and Management for IT EnvironmentsThe HPE Line Interactive Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems models lower your power protection cost by providing up to eight (8) power outlets per UPS, allowing you to safeguard your IT and office equipment.Standard features include an intuitive front panel display, enhanced battery management (EBM), network transient protection, and serial and USB ports for data exchange with the host computer.Increased Efficiency and Capacity to Maintain Uptime and Business ContinuityThe HPE Line Interactive Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems models provide from 1.5kVA (R1500 G4) up to 7.2kVA (R7000) of output power in as little as 4U of rack space.HPE Power Protector Software and an optional UPS Network Module enables you to monitor and manage power through HPE Systems Insight Manager and other SNMP management programs or via a standard Web browser (UPS Network Module optional on R1500 G4).Includes a front panel LCD display for ease of management.Enhanced system flexibility with two independently controlled load segments.Includes (at no additional cost) HPE Power Protector Software that provides the flexibility to monitor power conditions and control the HPE Line Interactive Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems both locally or remotely.Backed by a 3-year limited warranty and an exclusive 30-day battery pre-failure warning, which provides notification from the HPE Power Protector software of an impending battery failure.Simple and Fast IntegrationHPE Line Interactive Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems batteries can be hot-swapped safely without ever shutting down equipment.LCD offers an industry-leading graphical interface that provides complete critical UPS information in a single screen view.


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