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HP Enterprise P9K03A - 22U - 1360,77 kg - 710 mm - 1200 mm - 1290 mm - 597,8 mm P9K03A

333.550 Ft (262.638 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: P9K03A
Cikkszám: P9K03A
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Gyártó: HP Enterprise

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HP Enterprise P9K03A - 22U - 1360.77 kg - 710 mm - 1200 mm - 1290 mm - 597.8 mm 600mmx1075mm G2 Kitted Advanced Pallet Rack with Side Panels and Baying Hewlett Packard Enterprise P9K03A. Rack capacity: 22U, Maximum weight capacity: 1360.77 kg. Width: 710 mm, Depth: 1200 mm, Height: 1290 mm P9K03A Are you looking for a rack to fit your compute requirements that is designed to perform at a reasonable price? Take the guesswork out of infrastructure with HPE purpose-built racks. Perfect for the server room or today's modern data center, HPE G2 Advanced Series Racks include a 3000 pound static capacity, design for better air flow, and cable management features. The welded frame is designed for durability and includes a door with greater perforation for better airflow. Designed for scalability, performance and ease of maintenance, G2 Advanced Series Racks include a rear bracket which eases installation and management of cable and power distribution. For those that require greater load capacity, HPE G2 Advanced Series Racks can be fully configured and shipped to your site. The HPE Rack family of products is optimized for your Infrastructure requirements now and in the future.


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