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HP Enterprise LTO-7 Ultrium nem egyedi címkével ellátott adatkazetta 20 csomag - LTO - 15000 GB - 30 év - 2,5: 1 - 700 MB / s - 10 - 45 ° C C7977AN

466.945 Ft (367.673 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: C7977AN
Cikkszám: C7977AN
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Gyártó: HP Enterprise

Leírás és Paraméterek

HP Enterprise LTO-7 Ultrium Non Custom Labeled Data Cartridge 20 Pack - LTO - 15000 GB - 30 year(s) - 2.5:1 - 700 MB/s - 10 - 45 °C LTO/Ultrium - 6,000 GB - Data Cartridge Hewlett Packard Enterprise LTO-7 Ultrium Non Custom Labeled Data Cartridge 20 Pack. Tape type: LTO, Compressed capacity: 15000 GB, Tape life: 30 year(s). Transfer rate: 700 MB/s. Tape size: 1.27 cm, Tape length: 960 m, Tape thickness: 5.6 µm. Read speed: 700 MB/s, Quantity per box: 20 pc(s), Recording technology: LTO-7 Ultrium C7977AN With HPE Non-custom Labeled LTO Ultrium media, you no longer have to label your own cartridges, saving you time and the risk of retrieval errors. Barcode sequences are unique to each batch ordered – no codes are repeated.HPE rigorously tests its precision-engineered, high-resolution barcode labels using software unique to the HPE Automation Group to evaluate and warrant the performance of its labels in demanding, split-second datacenter environments. These labels are professionally applied in a clean environment to ensuring 100% readability accurate storage.on-Custom Labeled cartridges ensure 100% label readability and can be ordered online, in packs of 20, using a fast and simple process. For those customer who value the added security that RFID adds, customers have the option to integrate it into each label at minimal cost.The RFID tag is embedded into the back of the non-custom label and offers tracking, audit and security advantages for those with IT asset tracking systems.


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