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Hewlett Packard Enterprise AF651A fekete KVM kapcsoló HP 0x1x8 G3 KVM konzol kapcsoló, 8 szerver port, CAT5, 256 szerver (max) AF651A

316.677 Ft (249.352 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: AF651A
Cikkszám: AF651A
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Gyártó: HP Enterprise

Leírás és Paraméterek

Hewlett Packard Enterprise AF651A Black KVM switch HP 0x1x8 G3 KVM Console Switchm, 8 server ports, CAT5, 256 servers(Max)  AF651A

Looking for a simple and intuitive solution that allows you to access and manage servers across your entire network? HP KVM Analog Console Switches allow you to view and manage up to 256 rackmount servers across your data center through a single user interface. HP KVM Analog Console Switches utilize a local On-Screen Display (OSD) interface, accessed through a rack console such as the HP LCD8500, which provides intuitive menus for accessing each attached server or serial managed device

HPE KVM Analog Console Switches utilize a local On-Screen Display (OSD) that provides access to system-related information such as selected server name, status, power-up test data and configuration menus.
G3 models support an optional USB Remote Access Key that allow you to upgrade to KVM-over-IP functionality, providing remote access and management via the On-Board Web Interface (OBWI).
Includes Programmable Scanning, a utility that allow you to evaluate system performance by sequentially scanning any or all servers managed through the console switch.
4-Port, 8-Port and 16-Port Models with Multiple Installation and Server Connection Options
HPE KVM Analog Console Switches include mounting hardware that support Zero U installations on both the side and rear of standard IT racks, saving valuable space within your racks.
Supports a variety of server connections with interface adapters for PS/2, USB, and VT 100 (serial console support), as well as HPE BladeSystems support via the front diagnostics connector.
Secure manageability
For protection against unauthorized users, HPE KVM Analog Console Switches provide a password option for security purposes.
Features support for HPE Location Discovery Services (LDS) and Power Discovery Services (PDS) support when connected to an HPE Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) and the HPE LCD8500 1U Rackmount Console Kit (HPE Location Discovery Services LCD8500 Kit required).


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