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General and RMA Conditions


General and RMA Conditions Lasernetworks Ltd. v201901

General Terms & Conditions Lasernetworks Ltd.

as registered with EU HU13922838

These conditions apply to all offers by and agreements with Lasernetworks Ltd. B.V., hereafter also called the seller or Lasernetworks Ltd. ,

including contracts of sale and purchase and the delivery of goods and services. The contracting party of Lasernetworks Ltd. ,

hereafter also called the buyer, accepts the applicability of these conditions by the mere fact of placing an order. The

seller explicitly rejects the applicability of general or specific conditions applied by the buyer. If and insofar as an offer

and/or contract between the buyer and the seller contains provisions deviating from these conditions without the

applicability of these Conditions being explicitly excluded, the other provisions of these conditions shall remain in full

effect. The English, German, French and Spanish versions of these General Conditions are provided for information

purposes only. The Hungarian original is the only official, legally binding version.

Article 2. Offers, prices, advice and orders

All offers are without commitment. All prices are net cash in the currency stated in the offer, without discount and

exclusive of any taxes owing at the time of delivery. Above 25KG - special delivery FEE APPLIED above basic delivery fee, exact delivery fee for shipments above 25KG on request. If an order is placed without a price being explicitly agreed, the

price at the time the order is effected will apply. The seller at all times reserves the right to refuse orders. The seller

will inform the buyer accordingly within 3 working days, calculated from the order date. Issued price lists are

indicative only, and subject to change. Prices and delivery times are based on conditions applicable at the time of

issue. If these conditions change between the time of concluding the agreement and completion of performance, the

seller reserves the right to charge on any ensuing costs to the buyer. No rights can be derived from any advice

proposed and/or product choices made by the seller. The buyer accepts full liability for agreements or orders ensuing

from such advice.

The buyer acknowledges that Lasernetworks Ltd. is regarded by some manufacturers as a nonofficial distributor, as a result of

which it may occur that the end user of the product cannot participate in (extra) discount and promotion schemes,

etc., or other programs offered by manufacturers, who may impose the condition that the products have been

acquired through sales channels that they have qualified as official. The buyer irrevocably waives any claims against

Lasernetworks Ltd. , under any heading whatsoever, in case the buyer is held liable by its customer or the end user of the


Article 3. Delivery

1. The seller at all times reserves the right to deliver an order in part shipments and to require payment for each


2. The seller shall have performed its delivery obligation by offering the goods to the buyer one time. The report of

the carrier constitutes full proof of presentation for delivery.

3. if the buyer refuses to take receipt of the goods, the costs of the return delivery, storage and other necessary

costs are at the buyer's expense. The seller will first be held to again offer the goods for delivery after all the costs

referred to in the previous sentence, the purchase price and the costs of repeated delivery have been paid in full.

The seller is entitled to suspend a (subsequent) delivery for as long as the buyer has failed to approve/accept prior

deliveries or has failed to fulfil any obligation to Lasernetworks Ltd. .

4. If no period is agreed in case of on-call delivery, a maximum term of 1 month shall apply, starting on the day when

the purchase contract was concluded. After expiry of this term, or of the agreed call period, the seller has the right

to demand immediate payment of the goods sold on call.