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Estos MetaDirectory 4 UPG 25U - 25 Lizenz(en) - Upgrade

264.197 Ft (208.029 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: 2102030250
Cikkszám: 2102030250
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Gyártó: Estos

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2102030250 Estos MetaDirectory 4 UPG 25U - 25 Lizenz(en) - Upgrade Enterprise - UPG - f/ MetaDirectory 3.5 Enterprise - 25U ESTOS MetaDirectory 4 UPG 25U. License quantity: 25 license(s), Software type: Upgrade Search easily, find quickly. Company-wide.The MetaDirectory is a LDAP server for quick access to contact data. It merges different databases into a single, consistent LDAP directory that can be used across the company. As a result, relevant data, such as telephone numbers and other contact details, are available to all employees. The intelligent data processing allows for easy searching and the fast presentation of results - even with large databases. The OriginalRegardless of whether Microsoft Dynamics CRM/NAV/AX/CRM Online, SAP CRM/R3/Business One, Salesforce, Office365, DATEV pro or many more ERP, CRM, industry and groupware solutions, with the MetaDirectory you can simply and quickly merge all contact data sources used by your company into a central directory . This company-critical information is automatically standardized and, thanks to the comprehensive rules, all call numbers are normalized to ensure a high-performance search, even with large databases. Functions of MetaDirectoryConnect your data sourcesConnect to contact data.The MetaDirectory offers a variety of interfaces, so-called replicators, to be able to connect as many different contact data sources as possible. Here not only classic interfaces such as ODBC, LDAP or CSV are available, but also more and more WebService-based replicators to also integrate cloud-based systems such as MS Office365, MS CRM Online or Salesforce CRM. Call number normalizationConvert all call numbers to the same format.Normalized numbers are the basis for a high-performance reverse search in contact data. Therefore the MetaDirectory provides an in-depth set of rules for transferring telephone numbers automatically to the super-canonical format. Standardization of contact dataOne format for all your contacts.The MetaDirectory provides a simple option to transform contact data from heterogeneous data sources into a standardized format thanks to its LDAP scheme and the field assignment wizard. As a result, searching and further processing is extremely simplified. Secure provision of dataProtect your contact data.Contact data is important information for a company and therefore must also be well protected. Thanks to the MetaDirectory Enterprise, the access restrictions of the contact databases can now also be mapped in the MetaDirectory. This forms the basis for the "need-to-know" principle. In addition, the connections can also be encrypted thanks to HTTPs and LDAPs. Merging data sourcesExport your data.The MetaDirectory Professional and Enterprise versions also have a mechanism to export your data (e.g. as Microsoft Active Directory contacts, XML or CSV file). In this way, regular data synchronization can be easily realized while conserving resources. Connection to telephones and TC systemsYour contact information on your telephone. Many LDAP- and XML-compliant phones and TC systems from leading manufacturers (including Apple, Cisco, innovaphone, Mitel, Polycom, Unify and snom) support the connection of LDAP directories. This makes it possible to search directly at the terminal device for contacts and call numbers and carry out a call number resolution for incoming calls.


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