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Digium TC400B - Linux - 3.3V - 5V - 12V - 119 x 64 x 16 mm - 70,9 g - 0 - 50 °C - -20 - 60 °C

338.011 Ft (266.150 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: 1TC400BLF
Cikkszám: 1TC400BLF
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Gyártó: Digium

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1TC400BLF Digium TC400B - Linux - 3.3V - 5V - 12V - 119 x 64 x 16 mm - 70,9 g - 0 - 50 °C - -20 - 60 °C VoIP Transcoding PCI 3.3/5.0V card f / 120 G.729a / 92 mixed channels of G.729a/G.723.1 Digium TC400B. Compatible operating systems: Linux. Power requirements: 3.3V, 5V, 12V. Dimensions (WxDxH): 119 x 64 x 16 mm, Weight: 70.9 g The TC400B is a bundle of the half-length, low-profile PCI-2.2 compliant TC400P base card and the TC400M voice processing module. The TC400B is designed to handle, in dedicated DSP resources, the complex codec translations for highly compressed audio as would otherwise be processed by Asterisk in software. Asterisk, in software and with Digium G.729a licensing, is capable of transforming the G.729a codec into other codecs for the purposes of call origination or termination, bridging disparate calls, or VoIP to TDM connectivity. These transformations in software are very expensive, in terms of MIPS, and require a substantial amount of CPU time to accomplish. The TC400B not only relieves the CPU of this duty, freeing it up to handle other tasks or to complete additional call processing; but also provides Asterisk with the capability of bridging G.723.1 compressed audio into other formats, a capability not previously possible. The TC400B decompresses G.729a(8.0kbit) or G.723.1 (5.3kbit) into u-law or a-law; or, compresses u-law or a-law into G.729a (8.0kbit) or G.723.1 (5.3kbit). The TC400B is rated to handle up to 120 bi-directional G.729a transformations or 92 bi-directional G.723.1 transformations. The TC400B does not require additional licensing fees for the use of these codecs nor does it require the registration process associated with Digium's software-based G.729a codec licensing.


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