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Dell Kensington ClickSafe - fekete - kerek kulcs - kulcsos, biztonságos - fém 461-10209

352.634 Ft (277.665 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: 461-10209
Cikkszám: 461-10209
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Gyártó: DELL

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Dell Kensington ClickSafe - Black - Round key - Master Keyed,Safe - Metal Master Key DELL Kensington ClickSafe. Product colour: Black, Lock type: Round key, Cable lock security features: Master Keyed,Safe 461-10209 Improve office securitySimplify office technology security with the Kensington ClickSafe Lock, which combines a cable and a tamperproof, disc-style lock. Because ClickSafe locks attach to hardware in a single step, employee compliance will increase. This lock comes with two keys.Protect hardware and dataWhether you're a small business owner, an office manager or an IT worker, you need to protect your electronic assets. Kensington locks, such as the ClickSafe, protect more than just your hardware--they safeguard your business and personal data.Simple and secureThe ClickSafe is easy to use and provides a high level of security against equipment and data theft. It locks with a simple click--no keys, codes or complicated manoeuvres are required.Strong high-carbon steel cableThe lock boasts the strongest physical security currently on the market with a thick high-carbon steel cable and all-metal lockhead. The ClickSafe has undergone rigorous real-world testing against corrosion and tampering and is designed to last in excess of 10,000 key turns.Pivoting lockhead for flexible installationThe lock protects office technology by attaching to a Kensington security anchor installed in the Kensington security slot found in 99 per cent of laptops. For flexibility and convenience, the lockhead pivots 180 degrees and rotates a full 360 degrees around the cable.Low-profile designYou can use this lock with any size or style of laptop. It features a low-profile lockhead that won't interfere with even the thinnest notebooks. The included rubber cable tie simplifies storage and cable management.Includes two keysThis system comes with two keys, each stamped with a unique code that can be registered online for quick, free replacement


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