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cPacket CP_CVU_240NG cVu 240NG Traffic Monitoring Switch: All smart 24 x 10G SFP+ ports Katt rá a felnagyításhoz

cPacket CP_CVU_240NG cVu 240NG Traffic Monitoring Switch: All smart 24 x 10G SFP+ ports

39.497.508 Ft (31.100.400 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: CP_CVU_240NG
Cikkszám: CP_CVU_240NG
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Gyártó: cPacket

Leírás és Paraméterek

cPacket CP_CVU_240NG cVu 240NG Traffic Monitoring Switch: All smart 24 x 10G SFP+ ports

The cVu NG family of distributed performance monitoring appliances are
the core layer of cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric. They provide
full line-rate performance analytics, and complete packet inspection at
speeds ranging from 10G to 40G on every port. As network speeds and
utilization  increase,  legacy  centralized  monitoring  solutions  struggle  
to reliability monitor multiple full-line rate links, because of  data loss,
bottlenecks  and  unnecessary  complexity.  cVu  distributed  monitoring  
appliances  provide  both  high-level  network  visibility  and  immediate  
access to the packet-level details on demand. This improves customer’s
ability  to    troubleshoot  problems  such  as  network  traffic  spikes  and  
bursts,  over-subscription,  errors,  and  misconfigurations.  This  unique  
architecture  is  enabled  by  the  advanced  capabilities  of  cPacket’s  
patented Algorithmic Fabric chip.
Distributed Monitoring

Architecture (DMA)
Our distributed Next Generation Monitoring Architecture outperforms centralized network
monitoring solutions, by bringing intelligence directly to the wire, and eliminating the
dropped packets and bottlenecks that are inherent to thos legacy architectures.

Improved Operational Agility
The combination of dynamic maps, visualization, complete packet inspection, and forensic
intelligence, can allow you to troubleshoot your network problems over 80% faster than
traditional legacy monitoring tools

Proactive Network Monitoring
We offer proactive intelligence that pinpoints imminent issues before they turn into large
problems, and degrade end-user’s experience, based on customizable alerts and KPIs
that identify spikes, bursts, over-subscriptions, and data loss

Intelligence at the Wire
Our unique architecture is enabled by  our patented Algorithmic Fabric Chip, which
provides detailed performance analytics and complete packet inspection in real-time to
every link across your network

Open Monitoring Architecture
Unlike many monitoring solutions, cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric plays well
with others. In addition to performing advanced analysis, cVu can forward real-time and
forensic data, as well as metadata, to other monitoring and security tools for additional
analysis and troubleshooting.

Visualization Layer
The   increasingly   large   amounts   of   data      
running  across  your  network  can  make  it  
difficult to understand what, where, and when
problems  are  happening.  SPIFEE  maps  and  
visualization  tools  allow  you  to  proactively  
monitor   and   better   understand   network   
behavior,  while  providing  immediate  access  
to the packet view, on-demand as needed

Performance Analytics
and Forensic Layers

cVu  Monitoring  Appliances  are  distributed  
across    your    network    to    provide    broad    
coverage   of   the   entire   environment   by   
inspecting packet traffic in real time, bringing
Operational  Intelligence  directly  to  wire,  and  
eliminating  the  risk  of  bottlenecks  and  data  
cSTOR  Forensic  Storage  Arrays  capture  and  
archive packet traffic, allowing you to retreive
specific    incidents    while    troubleshooting,    
making    intermittent    problems    easier    to    
understand and solve.

Production Network
This is the lifeblood of your organization. Your
productivity  depends  on  it.  Your  revenue  
depends on it. Your compliance depends on
it. If it goes down or isn’t performing properly,
you have a problem.


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