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Axis P3228-LVE - RGB CMOS 1 / 2,5 ”- 3840 x 2160 Max

517.660 Ft (407.606 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: 0888-001
Cikkszám: 0888-001
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Gyártó: Axis

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Axis P3228-LVE - RGB CMOS 1/2.5” - 3840 x 2160 Max 0888-001 WDR - Digital PTZ - IR LEDs - 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PoE RJ-45 - microSD Axis P3228-LVE. Type: IP security camera, Placement supported: Outdoor, Connectivity technology: Wired. Form factor: Dome, Mounting type: Ceiling/Wall, Product colour: White. Angle of rotation: 190°, Viewing angle, horizontal: 100°, Viewing angle, vertical: 51°. Sensor type: CMOS, Optical sensor size: 25.4 / 2.5 mm (1 / 2.5"). Focal length range (f-f): 3.5 - 10 mm Are you looking for a cost-efficient network camera that delivers high quality video surveillance under any light conditions? Perhaps you want an overhead overview of the entire area, or maybe a close-up of a cash desk? Whether its midnight or midday, AXIS P3228-LVE network camera gives you clear and detailed images so you can always keep an eye on whats happening on your premises. From public offices and universities, to banks and hotels, the AXIS P3228-LVE is ideal for any location where detailed video surveillance is required. Night as clear as dayDo you need to positively and reliably identify people, vehicles or other objects during low light surveillance? This 4K-resolution camera captures detail in life-like color even in low light conditions. And while higher resolution doesnt always mean better image quality, with AXIS P3228-LVE youre guaranteed great quality video images every time. Easy to install. Affordable to runThe attractively priced AXIS P3228-LVE is easy to install and simple to operate, allowing you to quickly adjust and focus the view, even from remote locations. Total costs are further reduced by Axis Zipstream technology, which preserves important details in high quality, while reducing storage and bandwidth by up to 50%.Always safe and secure This weatherproof camera can be easily mounted on walls or junction boxes, and can withstand tough weather conditions and impacts. If you want to install the camera in easier-to-reach areas, you can still be confident its safe and secure thanks to its dust and IK-10 rated vandal-resistant casing. Even if the camera is tampered with, an alarm will immediately notify you of the incident so you dont have to worry.


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