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AT-X510-52GTX-50 Allied Telesis AT X510-52GTX - Switch

848.779 Ft (668.330 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: AT-X510-52GTX-50
Cikkszám: AT-X510-52GTX-50
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Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: Allied Telesyn

Leírás és Paraméterek

  • Easy management
    The x510 series runs the advanced AlliedWare Plus fully featured operating system delivering a rich feature set and an industry-standard CLI. The CLI reduces training requirements and is consistent across all AlliedWare Plus devices, simplifying network management.
  • Network resiliency
    The convergence of network services in the enterprise has led to increasing demand for highly available networks with minimal downtime. VCStack, in conjunction with link aggregation, provides a network with no single point of failure and an easy solution for resiliency at the network edge. The addition of EPSRing resilient ring protocol ensures distributed network segments have high speed, resilient access to online resources and applications.
  • Reliable
    The x510 series was designed with reliability in mind, and guarantees continual delivery of essential services. With dual built-in power supplies and near hitless online stack reconfiguration, you can maintain and reconfigure when necessary without affecting network uptime. Dual internal PSUs eliminate the need for an external Redundant Power Supply (RPS), which occupies valuable rack space. The x510 series also features front-to-back cooling, making it ideal for data center applications.
  • Secure
    Advanced security features protect the network from the edge to the core. Unprecedented control over user access is provided with Network Access Control (NAC), to mitigate threats to network infrastructure. This ensures the network is accessed only by known users and devices - all users' adherence to network security policies is checked, and then either access is granted or remediation is offered. Secure access can also be provided for guests. A secure network environment is guaranteed.
  • Future-proof
    The x510 series ensures a future- proof network, with superior flexibility coupled with the ability to stack multiple units. All x510 series models come with 10 Gigabit uplinks ports and a comprehensive IPv6 feature set, to ensure they are ready for all your future network traffic demands.
  • ECO friendly
    The x510 series supports energy efficient Ethernet, which automatically reduces the power consumed by the switch whenever there is no traffic on a port. This sophisticated feature can significantly reduce your operating costs, by reducing the power requirements of the switch and any associated cooling equipment.


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