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ASA5555-FPWR-K9 Cisco ASA 5555-X - Security appliance

6.314.216 Ft (4.971.824 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ASA5555-FPWR-K9
Cikkszám: ASA5555-FPWR-K9
Elérhetőség: Aktív termék
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: CISCO

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ASA5555-FPWR-K9 Cisco ASA 5555-X - Security appliance

Corporate networks are encountering the highest levels of change in history. Users require anywhere, anytime access to the network from a variety of company- and personally-owned mobile devices. In addition, applications have evolved to be highly dynamic and multifaceted, blurring the line between legitimate business applications and those that waste time and increase the company's exposure to internet-based threats. As a result, organizations must take a approach to security - without abandoning time-tested methods - to unify the network's security framework, accelerate business innovation, and proactively protect against new and emerging threats.
Cisco ASA CX context-aware security is a modular security service that addresses these needs by blending a proven stateful inspection firewall with next-generation capabilities and a host of additional network-based security controls - for end-to-end network intelligence and streamlined security operations. Cisco ASA CX enables organizations to rapidly adapt to dynamic business needs while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Problem Description

ASA 5500-X security appliances that shipped from March 16, 2012 through June 11, 2012 contain the incorrect factory default configuration. This requires the user to follow special procedures for system initialization.


The ASA 5500-X appliances shipped from March 16, 2012 through June 11, 2012 were not loaded with the correct factory default configuration and must be initialized using special commands. The procedures contained in the Quick Start Guide are insufficient to properly initialize the affected units.

Problem Symptoms

Users attempting to initialize the affected ASA 5500-X appliances using the Quick Start Guide will observe that the management 0/0 ports are in the down/down condition. In addition, ASDM for on box management is not accessible.


The factory default configuration can be applied using the following command:

config factory-default

Note that the ASA 5515-X appliance does not support the command above due to Cisco bug ID CSCtz73669. The unit must be restored to the factory default configuration using the command series shown below.

  • Application awareness
  • Identity-based firewalling
  • Device-type-based enforcement
  • URL filtering
  • Global threat intelligence
  • Stateful firewall capabilities
  • Intuitive management solution
  • Unprecedented network visibility
    Cisco ASA CX context-aware security gives security administrators an unprecedented level of visibility into the traffic flowing through the network, including the users connecting to the network, the devices used, and the applications and websites that are accessed. ASA CX uses Cisco security technologies to provide actionable intelligence to security administrators. For example, Cisco AnyConnect provides information on the type and location of a mobile device before it can access the network. ASA CX also uses global threat intelligence from Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) to provide zero-day threat protection.
  • Granular application, user, and device control
    Cisco ASA CX blocks port- and protocol-hopping applications such as Skype and other peer-to-peer applications, providing more effective security while requiring fewer policies. It enables policies to be written based on a wide range of contextual elements, including application, user, device, and location.
  • Comprehensive security architecture
    ASA CX extends the ASA platform to provide unprecedented visibility and control. Support for Layer 3 and Layer 4 stateful firewall features, including access control, network address translation, and stateful inspection, enables organizations to keep existing stateful inspection firewall policies that are essential for a host of compliance regulations, while adding Layer 7 context-aware rules that can act intelligently on contextual information.


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