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AF622A HP Enterprise IP Console G2 Switch with Virtual Media and CAC 4x1Ex32

2.229.846 Ft (1.755.784 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: AF622A
Cikkszám: AF622A
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Gyártó: HP

Leírás és Paraméterek

HPE IP Console G2 Switch with Virtual Media and CAC 4x1Ex32 - KVM switch - 32 x KVM port(s) - 1 local user - 4 IP users - desktop - for HPE 10XXX G2, 600, 800; Advanced Series Racks 42U 600; ProLiant DL20 Gen9, e2000 G6; Rack

Performance, Management and Security.
The HP IP Console Switch with Virtual Media capability allows a removable drive or ISO image to be remotely mapped to an attached server in the data center or a remote office for software installations and upgrades. The HP IP Console Switch G2 with Virtual Media offers an intuitive Local Consol User Interface that provides menus for configuration, virtual media, display and even security and upgrades from the local console that is the same as the On Board Web Interface (OBWI) used for remote management. The HP IP Console Switch G2 with Virtual Media comes with a Common Access Card also known as Smart Cards, allows government agencies and others companies to implement two-factor authentication to increase security in the their Datacenters.

  • Common Access Card (CAC) support
  • True serial
  • DVD support
  • Supports existing ITFC server modules, backward compatible
  • Dual-stack IPv6 with stateless auto configuration
  • Support for DVD-ROM data over virtual media
  • Remote virtual media
  • ILO compatibility
  • Local console user interface
  • Programmable scanning
  • Configuration NVRAM
  • Password protection
  • Remote virtual media
    Easily load and update software and firmware from anywhere on the LAN or WAN when used with virtual media interface adapters.
  • iLO compatibility
    Easily switch between remote KVM and iLO sessions directly from the IP Viewer software.
  • Local console user interface
    It displays all system-related information on the console monitor, same look and feel as the remote On-Board Web Interface (OBWI).
  • Programmable scanning
    An evaluation of system performance can be made by sequentially scanning any or all of the computers in the system. Programmable scanning allows you to determine which computers to include as well as the duration of the connection.
  • Configuration NVRAM
    NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) makes it easy to set configuration information using commands entered from the keyboard. The NVRAM stores the resulting configuration until a user decision is made to change the information, even if the unit loses power.
  • Password protection
    For protection against unauthorized users, the switch box provides a local password option for security purposes as well as individual user authentication and access rights for remote users.


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