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2N Telecommunications IP Verso - LTE basis w/cam NI - Verso LTE Main Unit - LTE

400.626 Ft (315.453 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: 9155401C-E
Cikkszám: 9155401C-E
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Gyártó: 2N Telecommunications

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2N Telecommunications IP Verso - LTE basis w/cam NI - Verso LTE Main Unit - LTE 9155401C-E Camera - 1280 x 960 px - IP 54 - 12V/ 2A DC 2N Telecommunications Verso LTE. Product type: Camera module, Product colour: Black,Nickel, Brand compatibility: 2N Telecommunications 2N® LTE Verso combines minimum installation costs with a full-feature set. Using LTE technology means no other cable apart from a power supply is needed, with a benefit of all functionalities such as a video communication. The main unit with HD camera can be accompanied by RFID reader, Bluetooth or Fingerprint reader supporting modules.Ideal retrofit solutionThanks to LTE connection 2N® LTE Verso is not depending on available wiring and answering units. Together with 2N® Mobile Video service it offers full range of features like video calls to mobile devices and 2N answering units just like wired intercom. Secure configuration via cloudConnect 2N® LTE Verso to the LTE network and then use 2N® Mobile Video service on My2N.com to configure all its features from anywhere in the world via secured VPN connection.There must be only one main unit in every installation. A standard 2-frame unit is supplied with an internal antenna, which is fitted in the module position under the main unit. In case you want to use a different module in this position, an external antenna (9155048) is needed.


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