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1ES0350 HGST Ultrastar Data60 HDD/SSD enclosure 3.5" Black

11.962.053 Ft (9.418.939 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: 1ES0350
Cikkszám: 1ES0350
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Gyártó: Hitachi - HGST

Leírás és Paraméterek

HGST Ultrastar Data60. Storage drive size: 3.5", Supported storage drive interfaces: SAS-3, Serial ATA III, Installed storage drive type: HDD. Product type: HDD/SSD enclosure, Colour of product: Black, Number of fans: 4 fan(s). Power source type: AC, AC adapter input voltage: 200 - 240, AC adapter frequency: 50/60. Weight: 79.4 kg, Width: 447 mm, Depth: 712 mm

Ultrastar Data60 600TB, 60 x 3.5 SAS/SATA, 6 Mini-SAS HD ports per IOM, Dual 1600W 80+ Platinum PSU, 4U

This new platform addresses the demanding storage needs of large enterprise customers, storage OEMs, cloud service providers and resellers/integrators that require dense, shared HDD or hybrid storage. The Ultrastar Data60® Hybrid Storage Platform provides the flexibility to specify the HDD and SSD combinations to balance capacity, performance and cost.

Designed for Big Data

Conventional dense disk shelves frequently suffer from performance degradation due to induced vibration from adjacent drives. Traditional platforms also have cooling challenges as the cooling air passes over successive rows of drives, losing effectiveness as it gets heated up along the airflow path. Developing storage devices and platforms side-by-side, we address these challenges through vertical innovation, a set of technologies developed based on a holistic view of devices, platform, and their interactions. The first two of these patented technologies are IsoVibe and ArcticFlow. IsoVibe reduces vibration-induced performance degradation, while ArcticFlow overcomes the cooling issues by introducing cool air into the middle of the platform. Both these technologies contribute to long-term reliability, enabling our fiveyear limited warranty on the entire platform.


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